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Zero - Bracelets

Life beyond Zero:

We collect our broken sets of Zero to upcycle and re-purpose them to extend their life-cycle allowing us to achieve a little bit more circularity as a brand.

100% of profits are donated to Parley in support of their AIR Initiative.

If you would like to contribute and send back your broken string, please contact us for more information 🙂

** Drop down menu (playability/sustainability) below does not apply.



Zero is a six-shaped co-poly string designed to deliver maximum bite on powerful strokes. Comfortably firm, players with long strokes will enjoy the string's spin potential for a great grip on the ball. Compared with traditional co-polys, Zero maintains superior string tension for a longer-lasting lively feel.


Zero is made from a polyester base designed specifically to deliver longer lasting playability. Our packaging is 100% biodegradable - a first in tennis.

We donate 5% of all profits to support worldwide sustainability initiaives. Find out more in Sustainability.

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