Where do you ship to?

We ship to the US and Canada. We plan to expand our shipping to other markets (Europe, APAC and Americas) starting from Q3 2023.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes - we offer free shipping to the US and Canada for orders over $60USD.

I live outside of the US - do I have to pay for import duties/customs?

For orders outside of the US, you may have to incur import duties/customs on top of your order depending on the local laws of your country.

What can I expect from your shipping?

ReString has selected USPS as our primary shipping partner for shipping within the US/Canada. Moreover, we look to only ship by land and sea (not by air) to minimize our carbon footprint. As a result, shipping times may vary and can take slightly longer than by air depending on the state.

Can I find ReString at any online and offline retailers?

Not quite yet! We plan to broaden our reach via both offline and online tennis shops soon in 2023 but for now we remain a pure Direct-to-Consumer online business.

Do you offer any sponsorship to tennis academies, clubs, teams and players?

Yes we do! Feel free to reach out to us via the contact form or on Instagram and we'll be back in touch!

What tensions do you recommend?

At ReString, we recommend stringing your racket between 45 and 55 pounds although you can of course go higher or lower depending on your preference. Lower string tensions will benefit from increased string movement and will give you more snapback which is one of the top qualities of Zero. A higher tension will provide you with more control so you can take bigger cuts at the ball without fear of overhitting. Alternatively, you could try dropping the tension of your crosses by just a tad to get this string movement.

What gauge should I use?

We offer Zero in two different gauges: 17G (1.23 which is thinner) and 16G (1.28 which is thicker). There is no right or wrong with which gauge you should use but in general, thicker gauges offer more durability and control while thinner gauges offer more power and comfort.

How come you don't sell any reels?

As a brand, we try our best to reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible and opting out of plastic reels is one way which helps us do this. Not only is our box biodegradable, but it also helps keep track of how much string you have left and lets you share with your friends!

How do your biodegradable packagings/stencils biodegrade?

Our packaging and stencils are designed to biodegrade through a natural chemical process where microorganisms break down the materials into natural elements such as water, carbon dioxide and new biomass in your landfill waste.

Will the string packaging/stencils biodegrade if I leave them in my tennis bag/home?

No. The biodegrading process only occurs in specific conditions within the right environment where microorganisms exist. This process of breaking down will best occur in your landfill waste and will typically occur during 9 months. 


Why have you chosen Parley and their AIR initiative as your sustainable initiative to fund?

We are conscious that the world of sport, particularly tennis can be a very wasteful. Our gear is often used for a short period of time before turning into waste eventually filling our landfills and oceans. Parley is not only a well-reputed and trusted program but also has a clear strategy to not only mitigate plastic pollution but achieve greater circularity in our industry.

What does the future of ReString look like?

Our future plans at ReString are focused on first growing our awareness as a brand and spreading the word about our products. We feel confident about Zero and believe that there is enough room in the market for us to succeed. Growing will be an incremental process but through getting enough people to try and love our string, we hope to slowly but surely kickstart our growth. 

We would also like to really improve our environmental credentials and be a market leader in this category. In our subsequent product lines, we would really like to improve the sustainability of the product composition themselves as well as receive our certification as a B-corp.