Zero - our flagship co poly

Zero is our flagship string designed for all players looking for maximum spin potential, power and precision for a great grip on the ball.

Zero has been engineered to retain its playability for a longer-lasting fresh feeling. The string utilizes a single high-powered polyester filament carved into six edges for a comfortably firm ride with excellent bite. Zero's ultra slippery lubricated coating provides players with superior snapback for an even more spin-friendly response.

Player Testimonials

String Characteristics

Retaining playability for longer with maximum bite and ultimate snapback, Zero is the perfect weapon for aggressive players looking to blow their opponents off the court.

The Perfect Punch

With maximum spin potential and extended playability, Zero packs the perfect punch for players looking to dictate the point with big cuts at the ball.

Performance without compromising on sustainability

- Built to play longer.
- Responsibly packaged.
- A portion of proceeds donated worldwide sustainability initiatives.

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