Your Favorite String has a Brand-New Look!

Your Favorite String has a Brand-New Look!

A few months ago we set out with a bold task of redesigning our packaging from scratch to create something both unique and meaningful. Our goal was to not only create something even more sustainable, but to do so in a way which would remain highly functional for performance players and also eye-catching through its beautiful design. Sounds like a difficult task right?

Our first step was to lay out our design criteria. As you might guess, this came down to our three design pillars - sustainability, functionality, and beauty.

Pillar number 1 - Sustainability

Though we were proud of our previous packaging - fully biodegradable and made from recycled paper, we thought we could do even better. Like for many products we buy, the packaging is often the most wasteful part, being thrown away almost instantly without ever 'really' being used. Turn your head to the corner of any tennis shop (or your home) and you might find a big pile of single-use paper or plastic packaging stacked on top of each other. This led us to our first pillar - we wanted to create something which would be less wasteful, still from a recycled source and fully biodegradable at the end of its life. Through a long process of playing around with multiple designs (many of which failing miserably), we finally found a shape which would work! Using half the paper content of the previous version, this one is much lighter on the planet - still just as functional and even more beautiful.

Pillar number 2 - Functionality

As competitive players ourselves, we understand the importance of having a product that 'just works'. Our desire was to of course create something more minimal but this design had to still serve its primary purpose of being easily used by our customers. Our new design cradles our strings closely - exposing the bottom half, and seamlessly allows the strings to slip in and out - it’s quick, it’s easy, and it's also kind of fun!

Pillar number 3 - Beauty

Our final design pillar was the aesthetic beauty of our packaging. Our new packaging needed to be more sustainable (check),  just as functional (check), but also highly aesthetic and unique - after all, no one wants to use a string that doesn't look cool! Our strings guarantee a captivating experience for our customers, minimal and sleek, our design adds a touch of essential elegance to your game.

Very excited to bring you this new design - let us know your thoughts!

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I love the sleek design. It is unique in its shape and environmentally conscious. Congrats.


The best packaging in the industry!! Revolutionizing tennis cant wait to see what you guys do next


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