UpCycle and Re-purpose: Bracelets made from ReString Zero

UpCycle and Re-purpose: Bracelets made from ReString Zero

Our purpose is simple: we wish to create a tennis string which is better in every way. A string of the highest quality and performance but without compromising on sustainability.

As a brand we try our best to stick closely to our purpose throughout everything we do. Keeping sustainability close to our hearts, our string is designed to play better for longer (leaving us tennis players with less waste), comes packaged in material which will biodegrade with our trash and we also donate 5% of all product profits to funding sustainable initiatives. Despite this, we know that we are still far from where we want to be.

For a brand which values sustainability, the ultimate goal is to achieve circularity. Being able to re-use materials from start to finish and extend the “cycle” of our products. Our ReString Zero bracelets are a small but important step for us in this journey.

We collect our broken strings, break them down into small circular and tubuar beads and then use those to create unique bracelets so you can now wear your string!

Although we’re still a long way from the sustainability goals we strive for, up-cycling and re-purposing our broken strings in this way helps point us in the right direction. As we grow our brand and product line, we'll keep pushing in terms of sustainability - hoping to create products which are of themselves more sustainable in the future.

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I have about 3 sets of old racquet strings of your string. Do you provide shipping to send them back in?

Brian Rousslang

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