ReString Zero on YouTube - Very Positive Feedback

ReString Zero on YouTube - Very Positive Feedback

Slowly but surely, the tennis world is grabbing word of ReString Zero… and they’re loving it!

Recently, we’ve had the privilege to have received three product reviews as well as a notable mention of Zero from popular YouTube channels Mark Sansait, Evoke Tennis, Open Court and Time410s.

Very thrilled to hear their honest opinions about Zero. Their positive feedback means the world to us! Here are some of our favorite things they said:

Mark: “this is the best shaped co-poly that I’ve ever hit with at the net - bar none”

EvokeTennis: “I definitely noticed that this string bed was not locking up, not notching… this string did play fresher for longer… I played on it for about 20 hours which is way more than with any other string with no crazy drop off”

Time410s: “once you try ReString Zero, it’s not hard to see why its one of the highest performing strings in every category, especially in topspin and durability”

OpenCourt: “I was pleasantly surprised by how many good things this string had. For me, the biggest pro I had was the tension maintenance… I was super surprised by how much consistency this string played with over the course of 5 play sessions”

Check out their full thoughts on YouTube!

Mark Sansait:




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