ReString x TennisNerd

ReString x TennisNerd

This past month, the ReString Team had the pleasure of meeting up with Jonas from TennisNerd. The TennisNerd platforms are the true go-to for many of us in the tennis world, leaning on Jonas for advice on candid reviews on the latest tennis rackets, strings, and gear.

Jonas was able to playtest Zero in both on our gauges: Our 17g (1.23mm) was strung up on the 2022 Head Extreme MP and 53lbs, and our 16g (1.28mm) on the Babolat Pure Aero Rafa 2023, also at 53lbs.

We had a solid two-hour hitting session together, on beautiful clay courts in the outskirts of Marbella. His initial feedback was positive, describing Zero as being on the softer side of co-polyester strings, yet providing great power and control.

Over his next practices he will continue to play with Zero, testing the durability and tension maintenance it provides.

Jonas said that "For a relatively comfortable string, [Zero] offers good spin potential and tension maintenance. It remains controlled longer than so-called soft poly strings like Hyper-G Soft and Wilson Revolve Spin."

We have been a big fan of Jonas for nearly 10 years, and it has been a true pleasure for us to have him share his thoughts. We hope to cross paths again soon!

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