Our packaging is now FSC Certified & Recycled!

Our packaging is now FSC Certified & Recycled!

Moving one more step in the right direction, our sleeves are now FSC Certified post-consumer recycled paper!

What exactly does this mean and why is it important to us?

The FSC Label is the world's most trusted mark for sustainable forestry. Paper sourced from FSC forests ensures that trees have been harvested responsibly with no net loss over time. Local communities - their people and natural surroundings are protected supporting the change from preservation to conservation and a more sustainable future.

More specifically, our packaging uses FSC recycled paper. Being made from a 100% recycled source, the paper in our packaging comes from reused and reclaimed post-consumer material therefore reducing the pressure to harvest more trees.

Let's ReString one racket at a time together - now with FSC recycled packaging!

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