Looking for fun ways to get the most out of Zero? Try these tips!

Looking for fun ways to get the most out of Zero? Try these tips!

Do you need to change racket or string to get a different feeling from the stringbed? Not necessarily! Actually, there’s quite a lot you can do while (mostly) keeping the same strings in your frame. Here are a few tips to spice up your string set-up. Play around with these alternatives and you might just find your new favorite combo

> Try a lower tension

Stringing Zero at a lower tension around the 42 to 48lbs mark has been our personal favorite in recent months. Not only does the lower tension give you more power, it also gives you more spin since the strings move slightly more freely in your frame. Lower tensions = more snapback so you can really get some good ‘pop’ on those shots! We’ve found this to be especially popular in the winter months when the weather gets colder.

> Try a hybrid with a softer string

Whether you are pairing Zero in the Mains or in the Crosses, a hybrid set up really helps soften up the stringbed, especially if you are using a stiff frame. Given that the Main strings (those running vertically in your racket) dictate most of how the racket plays, putting Zero in the Mains with a soft multi or gut in the Crosses would give you the control and bite of Zero with the plusher feel of a softer string. Try the opposite with Zero in the Crosses and you’ll find great access to spin (from the snapback quality Zero offers) and power along with the exceptional comfort of soft Mains.

>Try dropping the tension of the Crosses

Want more spin without sacrificing power or control? Dropping the tension of the crosses allows for more string movement (less friction between the Mains and the Crosses) which accelerates and enhances the snapback effect of Zero. This is actually a very commonly used technique on the Tour, with many players dropping the tension of their Crosses to get that extra edge on their opponents – pushing them off the court with more spin!

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