How to Hybrid Zero?

How to Hybrid Zero?

Hybrid strings have become immensely popular these days as a way to bring the best out of both world's from two different strings. On the ATP and WTA tours, up to 70% of pros use some form of a hybrid set up typically consisting of a combination between a stiffer string (like a poly) and a softer string (like a multifilament or a natural gut).

Given that Zero is a co-polyester string, a popular option would be to pair it with a softer string such as a multi or a natural gut to soften up the feel. When it comes to hybrid set-ups, the mains (vertical strings) tend to have more influence than the crosses (horizontal strings) and therefore tend to dictate how your string bed feels. Having Zero in the mains would give you that control, bite and power that you expect from a premium co-poly but you'd also get a slightly more pocketed and forgiving feeling from the softer crosses. Alternatively, having the softer strings in the mains would give you more comfort from your string bed but still a good bit of snapback from the reduced friction of Zero in the crosses.

Our favorite set up at the moment is ReString Zero paired with Diadem Evolution or Head Velocity. Both of these strings being multis, complement Zero exceptionally well and overall help reduce the "harshness" that you might feel from a full bed of Zero by adding extra comfort and pocketing. Try it with Zero in the mains for a more controlled response to rip the ball or with Zero in the crosses for a plush feel with great spin potential!


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I heard about Zero on Tennis Nerd last year. I’ve tried several polys and Zero is my favorite. I put it in the crosses and pair it with NXT Power in the mains in my Wilson Clash 100L…think “plush” :)


I have been playing with ReString 0 (1.23) on my Blade 100L, and it’s really great. It has a plush feel and control. I purchased 5 sets and shared them with my friend. They loved it. I have to order again.


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