Choosing the right string for you

Choosing the right string for you

What string is best for me?

With an infinite number of strings out there in the market, it can sometimes be hard to know what to pick to get the most out of your racket and your game.

So where do we begin? Firstly, it’s important to note that there are multiple kinds of string categories. Natural gut, synthetic gut or nylon strings, multifilaments, and lastly, polys and co-polys which is what Zero is. Though there are many to choose from, most players competing at a high level will choose to play with polys and co-polys to bring the most out of their advanced games. In fact, almost all pros and collegiate level players will use some combination of poly or co-poly in their racket.

Zero is a specific type of polyester string (poly) which has been infused with additives to elevate its performance, therefore making it a co-poly (basically any poly based string which is infused with other elements). Specifically, Zero has been designed to play better for longer - extending the fresh feeling of the stringbed in addition to delivering outstanding spin potential via the 6 sided design and slick lubricated coating. Zero's strengths in a nutshell are: the longer lasting playability, our best-in-class snapback, and the

extra bite.

Choosing the right tension and gauge:

Even if you’ve found the right string which suits your game, tension and gauge also both play a vital role in how your string performs in your racket.

We recommend stringing your racket between 45 and 55 pounds although you can of course go higher or lower depending on your preference. Lower string tensions will benefit from increased string movement and will give you more snapback - accentuating one of Zero’s top qualities. A higher tension on the other hand, will provide you with more control so you can take bigger cuts at the ball without fear of overhitting. Alternatively, you could even try dropping the tension of your crosses by just a tad to get the best of both worlds.

We offer Zero in two different gauges: 17G (1.23 which is thinner) and 16G (1.28 which is thicker). There is also no right or wrong concerning which gauge you should play with since this will just depend on what you wish to optimize for in your game. A thicker gauge offers more durability and control while choosing a thinner gauge will offer you more power and comfort.

The Bottom Line: Choosing the right set-up for you can be hard with so many options but it ultimately really comes down to how you want to enjoy your game. If you love taking big cuts at the ball with maximum spin potential and also value fresh performing longevity, Zero could be a great choice for you. If you want a lively set-up of Zero, you could try our 17G in at a slightly lower tension to get more “pop” or if you prefer to get more out of your strings from a durability and control standpoint, our 16G at a higher tension could be the right choice for you!


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