2023 Season End & 2024 Pre-Season Commences

2023 Season End & 2024 Pre-Season Commences

As the professional tennis season winds down with the final tournament of the year in Turin for the men's, the top 8 gear up for their last battles of 2023. With Novak looking very strong - on great form still at 36, and Alcaraz remaining a top contender despite some signs of fatigue from the long season, the scene is set for an exciting week for us tennis fans! Who will be your pick to win the ATP finals and who's season were you most surprised by in 2023?

For others, it's time for a short break to recuperate and rest before quickly getting back to one of the most crucial periods of the year - preseason. It's a time for reflection and planning but most importantly, it's one of the only times of the year where players get to really make some changes to their games. Many will go back to the drawing board to tweak their technique while putting in serious work off court to to put in the hours in a way they can't while their traveling on tour. Training intensifies - focusing on fitness and technical improvements. Players will try new gear and test out new rackets, shoes and of course, strings. With only a few weeks to lay the groundwork for a successful and promising year ahead, the grind starts soon for those who want to make it their year in 2024! What kind of changes do you think we'll see from players during the offseason and are there any tweaks you'll be making to your technique or gear heading into 2024?

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Time for the young generation to step up. Go Carlitos, Janik, Rubo, Sheldon and all the others.
Rafa, can you give us another couple of slams?


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